Oh na na whats my name

Hi! I am Michelle, a 27-year-old wanderer who found love and is searching for happiness

Qbout e

happiness is not the same for everyone

happiness is not constant - therefore a forever goal

happiness is compromise

I searched in the United States for ten years, in France for six years(where I picked up my husband) and in England. During my time in the United States, I focused on traveling abroad and living to the fullest.

Learning, travelling, and funning were my main activities: I studied International Business and French, double majored with honors at Eckerd College. During university, I took the time to enjoy myself. Getting involved in a project to protect the Mangroves, learning how to longboard, taking painting classes, camping in the glades... I made it goal to travel every year out of the country. This was extremely hard on the budget - so I picked up odd jobs like waitressing at Sea Critters, Volleyball Coach, housekeeping, and Telemarketing - these jobs make it out to La Cieba, Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Montpellier, London, Barcelona, Cancun.  

I needed to continue the hunt elsewhere and wanted to move abroad and France was (and might still be) the perfect fit for me. I moved to Amiens France.

In France I got in touch with my sharing side and taught English in multiple establishments. I love the french people and culture. To me the French are aloof, they let you do what you want and look on with disinterest, which I later learned is feigned disinterest. They share with you what you share with them, and they don't want you to be anything you are not. And I also love France because it made them man I love. I just fit right in but alas I moved to England.

And the adventure continues. 


As I talked about in my first blog post - My message is live life to be happy - and in case of emergency use chocolate and sleep. So you should just skip to my blog posts to find out more about me. 

What others have said about me

"Awww, you’re a Hufflepuff! You are honest, loyal, patient, and true, and you should be proud to belong to the most virtuous House at Hogwarts! " 

Which house do you belong to

"Why are you asking me, is this for your website? Oh it is..."


"Your colleagues and I have noticed that you don't advertise your accomplishments. That being said your numbers talk for themselves. Keep up the good work"

Bossman at the year end review