The ultimate goal :


My message is live life to be happy - and in case of emergency use chocolate and sleep.



happiness is not the same for everyone

happiness is not constant - therefore a forever goal

happiness is compromise

The great philosophers of the world Plato, Aristophanes, and Taylor Swift have all tried explaining happiness and defining what exactly it is. Yet, I am not going to define what makes you happy, or even what being happy is. I am just going to wing it, and talk about happiness experiments and experiences, and hope that somewhere along the way - happiness happens;)

1. happiness is not the same for everyone

Plato, was a great talker but not always appreciated by his peers and the public. Check out Wikipedia's articles on Plato. He talks about all the deep subjects, love, happiness, justice, right and wrong.

One of the main principles he pushed, a scientific and philosophical whammy, was the concept of "form" and "substance". Plato is constantly cited as believing that ideas are formed by sensation, our sensations give objects or ideas their "form".

So depending on your experiences, and the resulting sensations, you can have a different form of happiness than others. And I stand by that.

2. happiness is not constant - therefore a forever goal

Taylor Swift talks to me (not irl but heart2heart) and is an overall nice person. I understand that she doesn't have the same effect on everybody, but she has some wisdom and some happiness to give to everyone.

She mirrored my sentiments on happiness when she said - “Happiness isn't a constant. You get fleeting glimpses. You have to fight for those moments.”  She hit the nail on the head. 

3. happiness is compromise

Aristophanes, is one of my favorite philosophers, a jokester and a free lover at heart. Aristophanes talks about everything in a whimsical nonchalant way.

He says that Love is the ultimate goal. "I believe that if our loves were perfectly accomplished, and each one returning to his primeval nature had his original true love, then our race would be happy. And if this would be best of all, the best in the next degree must in present circumstances be the nearest approach to such a union; and that will be the attainment of a congenial love."  I appreciate his romantic side, that love conquers all, but love is copromise, and therefore happiness is compromise. And you have to find "love"

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