Thanks emyspot !

Wow this month has been hectic, but what is new? We are all used to running around and feeling like we have no time on our hands, and yet still manging to find time to binge watch Supernatural. (Such a Dean and Castiel fan, to my husband's constant horror, but only because he is a Sam fan. What a joke...) Anywho. To get back to the point, recently I was contacted by the emyspot team (they are great! so helpful and patient) to give a review of their website builder. This website builder. That lets me blog ramble to you, anyone who is reading this... and I did. Check out the review on emyspot.


I have only good things to say. This site is perfect for what I want. What do I want? Anything and everything, I can be rather demanding. One day I want to ask readers, you, about your favorite type of chocolate and the next I want to talk about Aristophanes. At emyspot they make it possible. So all I want to say is thank you for giving me a place to be me - in all my quirks - in the constant search for happiness