Christmas Tree Oh Christmas tree

Deciding on the Christmas tree this year was a pain in the ass. Fighting off exhaustion and just wanting to keep the Christmas cheer alive, le husband and I decided to check out the local tree farm.

Christmas trees 3121049b

For some reason in my hazy mind, I thought I would be capable enough to choose a tree from the hundred odd trees on displays, all different kinds... organized all willy nilly. When I was a kid you just go for the biggest and the fullest tree that your parents will accept, but now I understand this logic does not apply. 

Well we needed some liquid courage and decided to get some mulled wine, a spiced whiskey for my man, and started the perusal. As happens every year as I make my husband turn the tree, shake it like orange juice to see if the pine needles fall all over, and after five minutes of indecision we move onto the next tree. My husband, bless him, has a patience that is out of this world.. but I was testing it this day. Too tired to make a decision and too tired to accept his decision. So after 40 minutes of this, he put an end to it. Saying we would pick it another day.

He took me home as I grumbled about how pathetic it was that we couldn't decide on a stinking tree and I needed a small victory, even a Charlie Brown Christmas tree would have done it. The whole time hubby just sits there and takes it, trying not to laugh at how ridiculous I was. We pull up to the house he turns on the fire and tells me to take a nap - his way of telling me to shush. And so I do, dozing off on the couch, and I hear Mr man tinkering in the shop.

I wake up to a beautiful sight

Silly tree

My husband made me a little tree. Sleep fixes everything, love fixes everything, and happiness wins again.