Update on the 365 days of recup

Le husband has passed his sleeping mantra onto me. He breathes in for four counts and out for four. Others have recommended to copy the breathing pattern of the person sleeping next to you(which requires sleeping next to someone). So I have been doing the both, and I assure that as soon as he falls asleep his snoring pattern is hard to replicate.

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365 days of recuperation pleazzzz

I did it! One of my new goals, I have slept consistently 8 hours a night for the last week. I am going to make this a goal for the month. Yet many people have been asking why and how! Why did you decide to do this? Why eight hours? Why not less? Why not more? How do you get that much sleep? How do you find the time? How can you fall asleep? How do you not feel lazy?

Let me sleep

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Better late than never

Philosophers emphasize taking active steps to improve life, and my ultimate goal to improve my life is happiness :). I But here is my list of things I will be doing in 2016. Those who wait for the world to change may wait forever. The Roman philosopher Seneca focuses on the problem - not that life is too short but that we waste too much of it.

Here is the list of resolutions that I have made and the reasons behind them.


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Christmas Tree Oh Christmas tree

Deciding on the Christmas tree this year was a pain in the ass. Fighting off exhaustion and just wanting to keep the Christmas cheer alive, le husband and I decided to check out the local tree farm.

Christmas trees 3121049b

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