Takenoko! I am the empress!

The cutest game on earth. A panda and bamboo! Life is good


Takenoko may look silly or a kids game, but it is no way boring or dull. After a few rounds of playing, you are hooked!

When you see something so cute the first thing you wonder is what is the point and what do I do? Basically, you are trying to complete the objective ;cards. This is done by moving around a hungry panda, adding parcelles for the ultimate garden, and moving around the desperate gardener who cares for it all. In the beginning it seems rather complex. You need to remember a lot of things.


So you start by rolling the dice to decide the weather. Each type of weather sets up different conditions, these are simple once you have them memorized. Don't hesitate to keep this part of the rule book open and well displayed to everyone. Then, you have to decide your two actions, where non can be the same. And then you act on your decision, be it moving the panda, adding to the garden, are moving the gardener. All your actions should be in aim of finishing your objective cards, and ecoming the Emporer, and hopefully at the same time scoring the highest amount of points. If you don’t like your cards, use an action to get a different one.


After a few times of playing the game, we decided to invent more rules to add some variety to the game. All in all, I love this game. Although it is meant for four players, you can add more with an extension pack. Which i recommend because it is fun and adorable, and pretty easy to learn. Everyone will want to play!

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