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“No man(woman) has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man(woman) to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his(her) body is capable.”


Hear hear Socrates. I cannot agree more. I love testing my limits and trying new things. I am not one of the fittest women in the world, although I think mush respect is due to them. Sport and feeling good is one of my priorities.

I have been playing volleyball with a new team, and this is a great way to play sport and get in touch with my competitive side. I am not an amateur to volleyball, playing since the age of 11. I would travel all over tarnation to play in tournaments with the Illini Elite volleyball teams until I played in college. It is something I continued doing while travelling. And I love the team spirit when we play.

Yet a volleyball game once a week is not necessarily enough to see the beauty and strength of which my body is capable. Especially if after/before we take the time to enjoy a happy hour at the bar :) Hard to resist sangria! So I am just going to do a little exercise here and there. I found this great site called Blogilates and love the videos and posts of Cassey.


Exercise should make you happy

I say should because sometimes it just plain sucks to workout and especially when the results are not seen immediately.

1. Happy chemicals are sent to your brain.

Dopamine, the key chemical that is linked to pleasure and pleasure leads to happiness. The easiest way to up your dopamine production is exercise. Run, jump, play a game, stretch — and get happy. The second best way is to eat chocolate ;)

2. You are less stressed

This helps in the long term and in the short term. How? When exercising you’re creating a controlled low-level form of stress. This is done by increasing your heart rate and triggering a burst of changes. As you create this stress, your body becomes attuned to handling stress. You stress threshold will become higher.

Less stress equals a happier, healthier life.

3. You have more energy

I have been doing my sleep experiment, and already I have my energy. I encourage you to do that. You probably have days when you feel too tired to exercise, and it is hard to motivate yourself to work out. Sleep will help, but regardless of what you have going on, you got to push through and find the time to work out. Why? Most times after you work you have more energy after than before.

For this reason I like to work out in the morning, when I need more energy to get out of sloth mode.

4. You feel more confidence.

As you exercise you see your body transform. Exercise will not only make you feel accomplished, you will like your looks, feel more confident, sexy. There is nothing stronger than liking who you are to be happy. After a few weeks of doing the blogilates calender I feel more sleek and sultry, and it is showing in the way I walk and dress.

The message :

live to be happy, use sleep and chocolate in case of emergency

and exercise ;)

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