All I wanted for Christmas was some warm fuzzy socks... and what did I get? Warm fuzzy socks :) To which my husband dared to question how these warm fuzzy socks are different from the other warm fuzzy socks that are spilling out of the drawer.

In which, I replied with a statement all women and men know: that's not the point, they are new!!! 


John Locke also cared much about socks. He proposed a scenario regarding a favorite sock that develops a hole. He pondered whether the sock would still be the same after a patch was applied to the hole, and if it would be the same sock, would it still be the same sock after a second patch was applied, and a third, etc., until all of the material of the original sock has been replaced with patches. If you are wondering what the point of this story is, it is linked to another Christmas present.

John Locke's socks addresses a famous paradox, the Theseus' paradox, a thought experiment questioning if an object that is updated still fundamentally the same object, and was pulled from another Christmas gift. A book from my brother, who loves to tease me for my philosophical musings, Philosophy for Dummies by M. Cohen.  I appreciate his gift even if he is calling me a dolt. 

And the final gift that I want to share with you is from my lovely Grandma. She has constantly complained about the ever-changing impolite youth of today, as things were different back in her day. And so for all the granddaughters she purchased a five-session intensive ladies training program. This includes table manners, dance lessons, posture, and the art of conversation. My cousins and I are very excited to start these courses to become the fine upstanding ladies we were destined to become!! (Sarcasm) We are going to go just for giggles, maybe learn something along the wy, but the stories will bring happiness for years after.

For Christmas I got the gift of charm, knowledge, and comfort. And it is a blessing.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.   

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