tighten up.. cus we all need love

One thing I have been wondering is why when I try to butt my head against my husband like the cat does he doesn't stop and give me affection. I want love, I need love. Too


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Better late than never

Philosophers emphasize taking active steps to improve life, and my ultimate goal to improve my life is happiness :). I But here is my list of things I will be doing in 2016. Those who wait for the world to change may wait forever. The Roman philosopher Seneca focuses on the problem - not that life is too short but that we waste too much of it.

Here is the list of resolutions that I have made and the reasons behind them.


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All I wanted for Christmas was some warm fuzzy socks... and what did I get? Warm fuzzy socks :) To which my husband dared to question how these warm fuzzy socks are different from the other warm fuzzy socks that are spilling out of the drawer.

In which, I replied with a statement all women and men know: that's not the point, they are new!!! 


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The ultimate goal :


My message is live life to be happy - and in case of emergency use chocolate and sleep.



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