Back from Italy

If you have ever had the chance to go to Italy, you may know the following.. the hot chocolate is not a simple drink. In Italy the hot chocolate is a thick delicious dose of rich chocolate that you cannot drink swiftly. It is so thick it sticks to the side of the glass and sticks to your lips... which is good for kissing, but should not be drunk in a hurry.

Thick three types

The husband and I had the above decadence on our second day of the trip. He is a big fan of white chocolate, and he had half of it. He is not a chocolate addict like me just taking a tiny sip of the other two. So I was lucky enough to drink two and a half cups of hot chocolate. Which took much longer than expected, and I was feeling almost overdosed on chocolate. We continued meandering and walked off the chocolate overload in the Borghese gardens.

Villa borghese fountain

Villa borghese 02 fq

Rome villaborghese templeesculape

As I mentioned in my post better late than never we went to Italy for a lovely vacation. And it was wonderful. We walked quite a lot exploring the winding roads of Rome as the weather was so beautiful. Here are some of the photos from the Borghese Gardens.