Back from Italy

If you have ever had the chance to go to Italy, you may know the following.. the hot chocolate is not a simple drink. In Italy the hot chocolate is a thick delicious dose of rich chocolate that you cannot drink swiftly. It is so thick it sticks to the side of the glass and sticks to your lips... which is good for kissing, but should not be drunk in a hurry.

Thick three types

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Cracked : Lindt Creation - Dark Chocolate Rocher

A taste of pure pleasure!

Went to the shop today and wanted to try something new... and at the mark and spencers they had some fancy french chocolate. This chocolate mixes the pleasure of Ferroro Rocher and Lindt chocolate. So let's get to the rating


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Hot Chocolate

I recently had an exceptionally good cup of hot chocolate. Like the Judie Dench scene in Chocolat, I just enjoyed my cup of chocolate and all the problems dropped away.. no worries about Christmas shopping, work, or the daily grind. Just me and my hot chocolate.

Armande voizin played by judy dench in chocolat 600x337

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