Better late than never

Philosophers emphasize taking active steps to improve life, and my ultimate goal to improve my life is happiness :). I But here is my list of things I will be doing in 2016. Those who wait for the world to change may wait forever. The Roman philosopher Seneca focuses on the problem - not that life is too short but that we waste too much of it.

Here is the list of resolutions that I have made and the reasons behind them.


1. Stop waiting for the perfect moment

Going back to the Senecan philosophy - life is too short but that we waste it. I do this. A real life example, I love to travel and for the last month I have been waiting for the perfect moment to go to Italy for a long weekend.

The weather has to be good- no rain!!!! The flight price has to be just right - can't be over 200. And my AirBnB has to be on point - kitchen and great view. Work schedules, my husband and I don't want to have any work stress on the vacation... so on and so forth, the criteria just keeps tallying up and with all this getting in the way we have not made it to Italy. Now, as the month wraps up I haven't travelled but have felt all the stress that could be associated with travelling, but it doesn't have to.

I need to remember and make a conscious effort to let things happen, and just enjoy any moment that comes. Life is long enough and rich enough, if you make a constant effort to live it well.

That being said Tickets booked for two weeks!!! Ready to go!


2. Accept that I cannot predict the future

Another Roman philosopher, Epictetus, said that we should stop wishing that things would happen as we want them to happen and learn to accept reality and notice what really happens.

I am someone who likes to plan the way I think a difficult conversation is going to go- going just as far as to write a script. If he says A then respond A, if he says B respond B. This does not work... people are off script. This can be particularly problematic when discussing a touchy topic with my man. He never reacts how I expect, which is usually refreshing as I go directly to the negative response, and he recently confessed that if he knows we are going to have a particularly rough conversation he will read my script... He spoils me.

But I need to accept what actually happens.

3. I will love better

Badiou claims that ‘love needs reinventing’ and should be to see the world ‘from the point of view of two rather than one’. This idea can be bounced of Aristophanes story told during Plato's symposium, in which he states that people are looking for their other half, and will meld together. Badiou goes further, stating that these points of views will need to be melded and discussed as well..I will love better and accept other points of view.

4. I will write and auto-reflect

So I have decided that every Monday I will be writing a post on the blog. But during the week, I am going to try to keep a journal as well. Nothing long, just thoughts about the day, and then at the end of the week to think about what I wrote. Auto-reflection is great, people change so much. I know I totally change and flip flop on what I feel, and that is okay. As I mentioned in the first post, my goal is happiness and happiness is not the same for everyone. Happiness is not constant - therefore a forever goal. Happiness is compromise. Protagoras made the famous claim that "Man is the measure of all things; of what is, that it is; of what is not, that it is not".

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