Update on the 365 days of recup

Le husband has passed his sleeping mantra onto me. He breathes in for four counts and out for four. Others have recommended to copy the breathing pattern of the person sleeping next to you(which requires sleeping next to someone). So I have been doing the both, and I assure that as soon as he falls asleep his snoring pattern is hard to replicate.

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tighten up.. cus we all need love

One thing I have been wondering is why when I try to butt my head against my husband like the cat does he doesn't stop and give me affection. I want love, I need love. Too


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New Orchi-do-da-dae

Keeping a happiness journal now. And I realized that I wanted to share it with more people. So here goes.

1. Went to the flower shop and got orchids that are healthy and gorgeous.

2. Reorganized my bookcase so that I have more space in the living room. 

3. Watched Daredevil and Saw Electra fight Stick

Three things

Takenoko! I am the empress!

The cutest game on earth. A panda and bamboo! Life is good


Takenoko may look silly or a kids game, but it is no way boring or dull. After a few rounds of playing, you are hooked!

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Under the clouds


I recall looking up when I was little and loving the clouds... just until the moment the sun dissapeared and the rain started falling. Then I would hate the clouds. I am a fair-weather friend. Give me sandy beaches, hot and humid on a sunny day and I am as happy as can be. It is important to remember that clouds are good too! Thanks for reminding me Gavin

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Back from Italy

If you have ever had the chance to go to Italy, you may know the following.. the hot chocolate is not a simple drink. In Italy the hot chocolate is a thick delicious dose of rich chocolate that you cannot drink swiftly. It is so thick it sticks to the side of the glass and sticks to your lips... which is good for kissing, but should not be drunk in a hurry.

Thick three types

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Sporty sport

“No man(woman) has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man(woman) to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his(her) body is capable.”


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365 days of recuperation pleazzzz

I did it! One of my new goals, I have slept consistently 8 hours a night for the last week. I am going to make this a goal for the month. Yet many people have been asking why and how! Why did you decide to do this? Why eight hours? Why not less? Why not more? How do you get that much sleep? How do you find the time? How can you fall asleep? How do you not feel lazy?

Let me sleep

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To be a rational dreamer

As I was younger I ran head long into all types of books, going away to the worlds that were bigger than mine and ideas that challenged me. As I was younger I detested reading history or fact, always thinking that whatever I want to believe could be true... if I believe it hard enough.


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Better late than never

Philosophers emphasize taking active steps to improve life, and my ultimate goal to improve my life is happiness :). I But here is my list of things I will be doing in 2016. Those who wait for the world to change may wait forever. The Roman philosopher Seneca focuses on the problem - not that life is too short but that we waste too much of it.

Here is the list of resolutions that I have made and the reasons behind them.


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Cracked : Lindt Creation - Dark Chocolate Rocher

A taste of pure pleasure!

Went to the shop today and wanted to try something new... and at the mark and spencers they had some fancy french chocolate. This chocolate mixes the pleasure of Ferroro Rocher and Lindt chocolate. So let's get to the rating


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Thanks emyspot !

Wow this month has been hectic, but what is new? We are all used to running around and feeling like we have no time on our hands, and yet still manging to find time to binge watch Supernatural. (Such a Dean and Castiel fan, to my husband's constant horror, but only because he is a Sam fan. What a joke...) Anywho. To get back to the point, recently I was contacted by the emyspot team (they are great! so helpful and patient) to give a review of their website builder. This website builder. That lets me blog ramble to you, anyone who is reading this... and I did. Check out the review on emyspot.


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All I wanted for Christmas was some warm fuzzy socks... and what did I get? Warm fuzzy socks :) To which my husband dared to question how these warm fuzzy socks are different from the other warm fuzzy socks that are spilling out of the drawer.

In which, I replied with a statement all women and men know: that's not the point, they are new!!! 


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Hot Chocolate

I recently had an exceptionally good cup of hot chocolate. Like the Judie Dench scene in Chocolat, I just enjoyed my cup of chocolate and all the problems dropped away.. no worries about Christmas shopping, work, or the daily grind. Just me and my hot chocolate.

Armande voizin played by judy dench in chocolat 600x337

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Christmas Tree Oh Christmas tree

Deciding on the Christmas tree this year was a pain in the ass. Fighting off exhaustion and just wanting to keep the Christmas cheer alive, le husband and I decided to check out the local tree farm.

Christmas trees 3121049b

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The ultimate goal :


My message is live life to be happy - and in case of emergency use chocolate and sleep.



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