The message :

live to be happy, use sleep and chocolate in case of emergency

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Update on the 365 days of recup

Le husband has passed his sleeping mantra onto me. He breathes in for four counts and out for four. Others have recommended to copy the breathing pattern of the person sleeping next to you(which requires sleeping next to someone). So I have been doing the both, and I assure that as soon as he falls asleep his snoring pattern is hard to replicate.

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tighten up.. cus we all need love

One thing I have been wondering is why when I try to butt my head against my husband like the cat does he doesn't stop and give me affection. I want love, I need love. Too


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New Orchi-do-da-dae

Keeping a happiness journal now. And I realized that I wanted to share it with more people. So here goes.

1. Went to the flower shop and got orchids that are healthy and gorgeous.

2. Reorganized my bookcase so that I have more space in the living room. 

3. Watched Daredevil and Saw Electra fight Stick

Three things

Takenoko! I am the empress!

The cutest game on earth. A panda and bamboo! Life is good


Takenoko may look silly or a kids game, but it is no way boring or dull. After a few rounds of playing, you are hooked!

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